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Secura Key - RK-600 - Stand Alone Prox Pin Unit

Secura Key - RK-600 - Stand Alone Prox Pin Unit

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Secura Key's Radio Key RK-600 standalone proximity reader also features a keypad allowing for single-door access control for up to 600 users.

The Radio Key® 600 is a programmable single-door access control system
which allows any mix of up to 600 Proximity Transponders (Key Tags) or
PIN codes for keypad entry. It can control an electric strike, magnetic lock,
or gate operator, and has an additional input for an exit switch and output
contacts for external alarm shunting. 

The RK600 Access Control Unit contains the CPU, memory, access
relay, and an internal reader. It has a beeper, bi-color LED indicator and
a 16-position keypad, which is used to add or delete transponders or PIN
codes, to set the operating mode, to program the password and latch timer,
and for PIN entry. The RK600 is weather resistant and is provided with a
gasket for exterior installation. 

Item #: RK600T by Secura Key


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