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CM-9600/9610 Illuminated Piezoelectric Push/Exit Switch

CM-9600/9610 Illuminated Piezoelectric Push/Exit Switch

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CM-9600 and CM-9610 Series flush mount illuminated piezo push switches offer high visibility and weather/vandal resistance. The units feature a heavy duty stainless steel faceplate and adjustable 40 second timer.
CM-9600 is single gang width (2-3/4") and the CM-9610 is only 1" & 3/4" wide, perfect for door frames or narrow areas. The large 1" round diameter button is easy to activate. Illumination and power relay is 12 to 24 VDC. Switch illumination is jumper selectable and may be set for On, Off, Green to Red, Red to Green or non-lit operation. Field selectable for N/O or N/C contact output and fail safe/fail secure operation.
Note: Not recommended for control of automatic doors.


  • Rugged stainless steel face plate
  • Red and/or green illumination
  • Fail safe / non fail safe selectable
  • N/O & N/C outputs
  • Integrated adjustable 40 second timer
  • Lifetime warranty with '2 for 1' replacement
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