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Abus Anchor WBA/100

Abus Anchor WBA/100

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Abus Anchor WBA/100

The WBA-100 floor anchor is constructed from a high quality plastic, which is so strong a vehicle can be driven over it without breaking or cracking. This feature coupled with a .63″ diameter hardened steel shackle makes this the most durable floor anchor design available. The extra wide shackle base allows for easy locking and unlocking and can fit almost any type of chain or padlock. All mounting hardware is included.


  • 16 mm shackle made of hardened special steel for extreme resistance against the most aggressive attacks
  • Extra wide shackle for easy locking
  • Due to its flat shape and the use of high quality plastic it is possible to drive over the anchor in fixed position (e.g. in the garage)
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors as wall or floor anchor
  • Includes fixing accessory


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