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Abus 83WP53CS Concealed Shackle Padlock

Abus 83WP53CS Concealed Shackle Padlock

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Abus 83WP53CS Concealed Shackle Padlock

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When security, weather-ability and innovation come together the result is the Abus 83WP53CS Concealed Shackle Padlock. It comes with a fully weather protected body and also has a rubberized shackle seal to keep water and dirt from entering through the top of the padlock.

The cylinder is protected from the harsh outdoor elements by an easy-to-use weather cap. The solid steel lock body provides superior protection from physical attack. It comes standard with a hardened special steel alloy shackle that has extreme resistance to cutting and prying and has a NANO PROTECT coating which also offers extra corrosion protection. With ABUS patented Z-bar it converts key retaining to non-key-retaining within seconds. Perfect solution for outdoor security.

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